Feng Shui Talk and Walk

Feng Shui, or Geomancy, is a branch of Chinese Metaphysics studies, an ancient oriental art and science whose purpose is to promote the achievement of harmony, balance and prosperity for individuals’ wellbeing as well as for business success.

Intrigued by this ancient practice? Discover where & why it’s still very much alive in cosmopolitan Singapore!

First partake in a 30 minutes talk at the Yixing Xuan teahouse in Tanjong Pagar to understand the principles of Feng Shui, Tai-Chi symbol of Yin-Yang confluence and its underlying implications underpinned by the significance of five elements, eight trigrams, green dragon, white tiger formation and their associated meanings.

Next, we will commence our discovery walk, on which we will learn how the 5 elements concept can be applied to buildings such as that of the URA, a beacon for excellence in city planning. Close by, one can see another interesting pencil-like building incorporating auspicious elements.

As we then proceed along Ann Siang Hill, we will see how local people have used appropriate
Feng Shui tools to mitigate against the negatively charged T-junctions near to their premises.
We also explore how Feng Shui principles were applied to more than a century old Chinese temple in Telok Ayer St to ensure its continued prosperity.

Finally, we will take a closer look at some of the landmark buildings in the heart of the CBD, where even logos, building designs & surrounding landscape hold subtle but significant Feng Shui features known only to the trained eye.

May you embrace the auspicious qi as we end the tour!

Thu Jan 25, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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Tanjong Pagar Rd Singapore
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